Frontend Developer with UI/UX skills

Location Goes
But flexible work from home is also fine


Last update: 25 May, 2023
Version: 1.0.0 
Weekly hours: 32-40

In this role as Frontend Developer you’ll be responsible for realising digital products. Regardless if it’s a web app, a mobile app or an all-fresh new platform, you’ll want to exceed expectations from start to finish and strive to get it first time right.

You’ll be mostly working on fresh, new startup platforms and apps, like building consumer and business facing web and mobile applications backed by a solid backend. Together with your direct colleagues, who, just like you, can sometimes also work remotely, your main focus is to deliver a solid product of which your team is actually proud of.

You will be part of a small team that will consist out of you, a handfull developer colleagues, a technical lead that will help you get on the way, a project manager that makes sure the end-customer doesn’t bother you. You yourself are seen as the ui/ux specialist for the pixel nifties and high-end finish, in both design and implementation.

Because you should be self sufficient, it isn’t only about being able to design and develop. It is also about having the professional soft skills where you are able to structure, organise and communicate your work clearly to others involved.

It is possible to work hybridly remote in this position, so you’ll get lots of responsibility and freedom. And just work on fun, challenging projects! No standard presentation and CMS websites. Your colleagues are passionate about their work and technology in general. Where the company and team is small – and we want to keep it that way. Where technical debt is dreaded and legacy proactively avoided. An environment where your voice actually has weight in the decisions to be made. But most importantly, where you can focus on developing great stuff instead of being part of endless meetings, bothered by unsatisfied customers and pointless commuting to the office.


What will you do in this role?

  • You are responsible for the high-end aesthetic design and smooth finishing of new digital products such as web apps and mobile apps.
  • You like to work on a Sketch / XD / Figma design to give it that extra final touch to things.
  • You transform an existing design into neat HTML, SCSS and JavaScript.
  • You work with JavaScript front-end libraries, where a colleague is always ready to spar and help.


What we expect of you as a person and as of work ethics?

  • You excel in UI / UX matters, to make things work and look nice.
  • The combination design and development is really your thing!
  • You know how to shape or adapt this in design tools, but you can also develop it in a frontend (hens, frontend developer).
  • Self-sufficient in terms of being able to work organised and  structured: you know how to set priority and to escalate progress and issues you encounter.
  • Critical thinking and “do the right thing” mentality.
  • Be social. Be communicative. Especially because you’re working remote we don’t want you to get lost.
  • Integrity: honest and caring about your work.


What you need to be able to be great at?

  • You like to develop the best user experiences and have a good sense of aesthetics.
  • You have experience in a professional working environment.
  • You are familiar with design tools such as Sketch / XD / Figma etc.
  • You know your way around HTML and modern CSS skills, such as CSS grid and Flexbox.
  • Knowledge of a modern frontend / JavaScript framework is a plus.
    But experience with the JavaScript basics is important.


  • annual salary increase of 5%
  • flexible work from home
  • flexible working hours
  • the best tools (hardware + software)
  • amazing start-up projects
  • technical mentorship
  • non-intrusive work environment
  • no b.s. agile processes set-up
  • community involvement and open source minded
  • a really down-to-earth informal atmosphere and a nice working environment


Share some basic information and send your resume and we will be in touch.Showing work that you are proud of when applying for this job is a big plus.

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