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Full Stack Web
Developer (x2)

In this role you’ll be responsible for realising digital products. Regardless if it’s a business web application, a high performing data API or a mobile app – you’ll want to exceed expectations from start to finish and strive to get it first time right.
32 - 40 hrs

Digital Marketeer

In this role you’ll be responsible for the messages that make clear what our products and services stand for, and pour them into a shape that matches the products themselves: simple, beautiful and just that little bit different.
8 - 24 hrs

Frontend Web

In this role as Frontend Web Developer you’ll be responsible for the correct implementation of the front-end in our projects. You think about the architecture, the project structure, workflow, animations & interactions, performance, etc. You support the development of our front-end unit. Problems are challenges that you solve; you identify them and escalate them through the right channels.
32 - 40 hrs