In a world full of people
only some want to fly

… Isn’t that crazy?

At Securancy Intelligence we develop online platforms, transform concepts into digital products and simply build smarter business applications.

We are looking for people with attitude.

In general, we are looking for team players. Not drones. People that have an opinion. That know their stuff. People that are passionate about their work. Real digital product developers. People that are eager to learn. People that strive for technical excellence and have attention to detail. And who are able to communicate! Pro-active. Consise.

What you’ll be doing?

You will be working on a diversity of frontend applications, mostly business apps and platforms, both on web and mobile. Next to working on existing applications, which are mostly quite fresh (so little to no legacy), you will have the option to take ownership of new, incoming projects and do it “the right way”.  But with a different approach, a fancy modern touch and high extensibility. But most of all: built with love by a small, dedicated team!

Jobs at Securancy

There is always room for talent in our team. What can we learn from you today?

Frontend Developer with UI/UX skills

In this role as Frontend Developer you are responsible for the look & feel of our digital apps, regardless of web or mobile. You actively think about the user flow, animations & interactions, and feature scope of new applications. You work this out visually, or improve a delivered design, and together with your colleagues you develop the frontend into a product that you are proud of.

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Full Stack Web Developer x2

We are looking for one Full Stack Web Developers, one of this two positions is already fulfilled. In this role you are responsible for the full stack development of digital products. You do not discriminate in environments and disciplines; TypeScript, C #, Python, RDMS / NOSQL, Azure, DevOps etc. your interests are just broad and you measure your new skills well. Ultimately, your care and professionalism determine the end result. Do the right thing and always keep improving and enhancing.

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Get Discovered

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