Open Source Program Engineer

Goes, Zeeland, Nederland
Software and Services


Posted: May 8, 2020
Weekly hours: 40
Role Number: 200136003

The Open Source Program Office at Securancy owns, defines and executes open source strategy. We focus on growing upstream contributions across different teams. Our tasks include streamlining the process for upstream contributions, creating tools to automate the process, gathering and reporting metrics to measure the efficacy, educating teams to encourage contributions and identify new projects. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, we’d love to hear from you!

Key Qualifications

  • We are looking for those who have a strong track record of contributing to popular and large open source projects which not only help the company but the overall software development community.
  • Experience collaborating with various partners, such as Legal, Marketing & Public Relations.Familiarity with gathering and reporting metrics for open source projects.
  • Ability to navigate process automation tools to setup workflows.
  • In our roles we are here to help educate our internal customers through many different methods such as verbal and written communication skills and have the ability to present complex technical information clearly and concisely to a variety of audiences.
  • We look for excellent interpersonal skills and the proven ability to create and cultivate productive business partnerships
  • Ability to navigate process automation tools to setup workflows.


We are advocates for open source and we’re always looking for those as passionate about doing this work internally for Securancy as we are, are you a hardworking person who comes to work to make a difference?! This cross-functional team spans across engineering, legal, marketing, and public relations to increase upstream contributions and community engagement. We build tools, we automate process, and we gather metrics to drive things forward. These are exciting times for Apple where you are helping drive the adoption of many open source initiatives where you will be working with all levels of the organization to build a seamless transition and integration of open source technologies and processes. This great opportunity allows you to work with various members of leadership and build a seamless integration with existing processes. We educate internal communities to grow the open source usage and contributions. We work with different external open source communities to increase our public presence. You are willing to roll your sleeves and write sample code and facilitate and prioritize our developer communities. You will build dashboards to gather and report metrics. You will communicate project status on a regular basis and conduct regular project meetings. You know how to strike a balance of passion and pragmatism for open source.

Education & Experience

BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent.


  • Management of large open source projects
  • Extensive experience with open source tools such as GitHub, package managers, and CI systems
  • Working knowledge of open source licensing and compliance issues
  • Published monthly newsletters to generate internal awareness
  • Managed website, blog, and social media presence
  • Experience and familiarity with multiple programming languages, such as Python, Java, Scala, Go, or JavaScript


  • remote work
  • flexible working hours
  • competitive compensation
  • amazing start-up projects
  • inclusive cultural environment
  • technical mentorship
  • non-intrusive work environment
  • agile processes set-up
  • community involvement