Digital Marketeer

100% Remote
occasional meetup at Goes or Rotterdam (the Netherlands).


Last update: 15 Sep, 2020
Version: 1.0.0 
Weekly hours: 8 – 24 uur

In this role as Digital Marketeer you’ll be responsible for the messages that make clear what our products and services stand for, and pour them into a shape that matches the products themselves: simple, beautiful and just that little bit different.

You’ll be mostly working on the marketing for fresh, new startup platforms, like consumer and business facing web and mobile applications backed by a solid backend. You’ll work closely with our designers and engineers during the development of our products. This way you know first-hand what vision underlies it and everyone in the team can pursue the same goal: to make the rest of the world as enthusiastic about our products as we are.

You will be part of a small team that will consist out of you, a team of developers, a technical lead, a project manager and optionally an on-demand ui/ux specialist for the pixel nifties and high-end finish. Next to your current objective, you might also incidentally assist other teams briefly if you can help out.

Because you should be self sufficient, it isn’t only about being able to create great stuff. It is also about having the professional soft skills where you are able to structure, organise and communicate your work clearly to others involved.

This is a work from anywhere job, where you’ll get lots of responsibility and freedom. Where there are colleagues who are passionate about their work and tech in general. Where the company and team is small – and we want to keep it that way.  An environment where your voice actually has weight in the decisions to be made. But most importantly, where you can focus on creating great stuff instead of being part of endless meetings, bothered by unsatisfied customers and pointless commuting to the office.

[*] N.B. If a product inspires you, you can inspire the rest of the world.


What will you do in this role?

  • Conceive, implement and measure social marketing campaigns on a daily basis across all relevant channels.
  • Maintain relationships with external and internal agencies/design teams to brief and manage original content for distribution.
  • Launch, grow and manage channels ensuring milestones are set and met.
  • Execute social media publishing strategies ensuring that all posts are accurate, punctual, safe and on brand.
  • Report on campaigns and augment based on analysis to ensure the most effective approach.


What we expect of you as a person and as of work ethics?

  • Self-sufficient in terms of being able to work organised and  structured: you know how to set priority and to escalate progress and issues you encounter
  • Critical thinking and “do the right thing” mentality
  • Don’t mind picking up different techniques
  • Be social. Be communicative. Especially because you’re working remote we don’t want you to get lost.
  • Honest and caring about your work


What you need to be able to be great at?

  • Having a couple of years experience in social media marketing campaign management, editorial, content creation and distribution required (brand or agency).
  • Energy, and enthusiasm for social media. Detailed knowledge and expertise around all social platforms. Significant contacts at all major platforms.
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and planning skills with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Expert understanding of how brands should participate in social media in an authentic way.
  • Ability to successfully organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects under strict deadlines.
  • Passion for working in a fast-paced environment with high level of teamwork
  • Deep ability to collect, analyze and use social data to affect change.


  • remote work
  • flexible working hours
  • amazing start-up projects
  • inclusive cultural environment
  • technical mentorship
  • non-intrusive work environment
  • open for flexible amount of hours (max. 24)


Share some basic information and send your resume and we will be in touch.

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